By Kimberly Texeira


There are many benefits to exercising our mental health. Some benefits include improving our memory, attention, brain speed, sharpening response times and attention, people skills, intelligence, and navigation. Just like our bodies need physical activity to perform at our best, our brains also need the brain activity to build brain power and be able to work it’s best. The more we work hard at something, the easier it becomes.

There are many things we can do to exercise our brain such as playing board games, reading book and meditation. Another great way to strengthen our mental health is by getting in touch with our senses. We can strengthen the brain by focusing on smell, touch, taste, seeing and hearing. One example is trying a new recipe or dining at a new restaurant.

What is something that interests you but have never explored? Perhaps you would like to explore art, or maybe you have always wanted to play an instrument. Pushing our limits can help us learn new skills, boost self-confidence, and improve concentration. Try something new and make mistakes!

Below is a delicious and easy spaghetti salad recipe to help get in touch with the 5 senses. ENJOY!


Easy Spaghetti Salad Recipe