Alcohol & Drug Assessment

Assess the Impact of Alcohol or Drugs on Your Life

The consequences of addiction can be devastating and can dramatically impact a person and his or her loved-ones’ lives. Addiction is a progressive disease that usually begins with experimentation, followed by increased use, abuse, and often both physical and psychological dependence. However, the use of drugs or alcohol does not always indicate dependence.

If you think you may be addicted, we can determine if that is the case through standardized assessment tools combined with our clinical expertise. Once information is collected, we synthesize an overview summary and provide a road map of recommendations for holistic healing.

Professionals and executives often need comprehensive assessments. We specialize in detailed, professional assessments that satisfy the requirements for several governing bodies including the Department of Professional Licensing (DOPL), the Utah Bar Association, and your company’s HR department or Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Assessment process

All of our assessments start with a 1–2 hour face-to-face meeting with a licensed therapist. The depth of assessment depends on your needs and history. We provide three levels of assessment: basic, advanced, and comprehensive.

Basic Assessment:

We collect personal histories, measure mood and substance use, and then screen to determine if you need treatment. This assessment typically satisfies employment concerns or a court-ordered assessment for first-time offenders.

Advanced Assessment:

This has all the components of the basic but adds several advanced drug and alcohol screening tools and collects needed collateral information. This is needed if you have advanced legal problems, such as distribution charges or several DUIs.

Comprehensive Assessment:

This is usually only for licensed professionals or business executives. You’ll meet with a social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, and other professional evaluators over several days to get a complete assessment of addiction and treatment recommendations. This level includes all of the components of the basic and advanced assessments but adds additional testing and screenings specific to professionals. Depending on the individual’s history, profession, and/or reason for referral, assessments are provided by a multi-disciplinary team. The result is a synthesized, multi-dimensional report that provides the following:

  • bio-psycho-social summary
  • diagnostic results
  • core therapeutic barriers and assets
  • detailed treatment recommendations

Assessment recommendations

Without help, addiction often takes control, leaving individuals feeling trapped and stripped of choice. Completing an assessment is often an eye-opening and empowering experience. We compile our detailed findings in an easy-to-read final report purposely written for the recipient. We give the report as needed to lawyers, courts, or employers. Our recommendations include the type of treatment, level of intensity, and length of time needed for recovery.

Below are some of our typical recommendations.

  • No treatment necessary
  • Drug or alcohol detox
  • 12-step or other community support meetings
  • Medication management for mood stabilization or abstinence support
  • Individual and/or family therapy
  • Case management or a sober companion
  • Intensive Outpatient groups (IOP): typically 9 hrs/week for 8 weeks
  • Residential treatment: 30–90 days
  • Urine drug testing: up to 12 months

A thorough drug and alcohol assessment has been valuable for many of our clients. Whether you want to objectively understand your dependence on substances, resolve employment concerns, or strengthen your legal case after a DUI or other drug-related offense, our therapists can provide a trustworthy, confidential, and professional assessment.

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