Sterling Ingram, ACMHC

“What is to give light must endure burning.” – Victor Frankl


  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Couples Therapy


  • Sexual and gender minority related issues

  • Substance use disorder

  • Ideological transition support

  • Personal self-exploration.


  • Masters degree from Pacific Graduate Institute in Santa Barbra California

About Sterling

Sterling is a depth psychologist who believes that all care should be anthropologically informed and culturally safe.  Although Sterling primary utilizes a Existential therapeutic lens (addressing meaning around the BIG questions of Death, Value, Meaning and Responsibility) he also utilizes parts work, sand tray therapy, authentic movement, and is willing to engage with the unknown in the pursuit of meaningful understanding. 

Sterling is a creator. Although some consider him “handy” he prefers the term “crafty”. There isn’t a creative undertaking he won’t attempt;  regardless of his past experience he will not be using instruction manuals.  He is gifted roller skater, a enthusiastic writer, and has recently learned how to read poetry and walk alone in the woods. 

Sterling is a member of the queer family and is committed to cultivating a space for anyone who has experienced the pain of being othered. Sterling is currently the Lead Therapist at Seasons IOP which is a structured program for substance use and co-morbid mental health issues, specifically designed for sexual and gender minorities. He is taking referrals and new clients and can work with some insurances.