Seasons IOP

Seasons Intensive Outpatient Program



What Makes Us Different
Seasons is the first of its kind, intensive outpatient treatment program designed to serve members of the LGBTQ+ community struggling with substance misuse, abuse, and addiction. In our program, you will still be able to live with your family, attend school, continue working, and/or participate in other joyful activities, while still receiving therapy, groups, and classes.
Our specified programming targets key concepts that are often overlooked in generic treatment settings, such as:
Minority stressors
Microaggression resilience
Assertiveness training
Gender and/or sexual orientation related traumas
LGBTQ+ education
Gender abuse
LGBT+ transitions
Spiritual rediscovery

Our IOP Services

In addition to maintaining a healing space, we also ensure your safety by training our staff to understand the unique challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community. This base understanding helps us know how to respond to your concerns and gives us the ability to learn from you without needing to give a full explanation. Every attempt is made to stay up to date on current issues, evolving topics, and emerging identities.


The Program:
You are the expert of your own life. Our role is to offer support, guidance, and clarity, while therapeutically treating any underlying mental health stressors preventing you from obtaining sobriety. Seasons incorporates modern best practices and uses evidence-based programming to help support you in ways traditional treatment simply does not.
Once enrolled in the program, you will be invited to complete eleven (11) hours of weekly

This includes:
Individual Therapy: Mental Health & Addiction
Your program will be a collaborative effort between you and your therapist. To ensured it is personalized to your unique history, therapy sessions focus heavily on your life experiences and go beyond your identity in the LGBTQ+ community. We
are not just LGBTQ+ friendly, we are LGBTQ+ focused.
Group Therapy: Psychoeducation/Process group
Group therapy sessions are held 3 nights a week where we facilitate learning, processing, and skill-building for your recovery and emotional well-being.


Care Coordination/Case Management
Your case manager will help track your therapy goals and provide you with any resources you may need to be successful.
Substance Testing
Accountability is the key to succeeding in your journey of continued sobriety. We
use substance testing to help get you started in developing your own self-accountability.
Social Support Therapy
One of the best methods for healing from trauma and substance misuse is retethering yourself to a strong support system. We use social success as a complementary reward system, while keeping in mind introverts and those with social anxiety.
How we began:
We started by asking a simple question: Would a substance recovery program focused on LGBTQ+ needs, increase the likelihood of success? The answer is yes! Experts agree, an LBGTQ+ centered, specialized treatment program is the most effect treatment for ongoing substance recovery. Seasons incorporates modern best practices and uses evidence-based programming to help support you in ways traditional treatment simply doesn’t understand.
As a part of the Red Willow family, we brought our expertise in LGBTQ+ mental health and substance recovery to create the Seasons program. We have been in operation for over a decade and continue to research, train, and grow in order to meet your needs. Seasons is no exception.
We accept most insurances and have an option for direct pay.



We are here to support you to live a life of intention and meaning.
If you have further questions, call our IOP directly at:
(385) 202-5315