Scott Marshall, CMHC 

        I feel that everyone deserves to absolutely thrive. Many people enter the world of therapy in a very difficult time, when surviving feels more accurate – this was certainly the case for me. But I believe that difficult times become opportunities. It is my experience that difficulty tends to hold onto you until it has had it’s full way – often longer and harder than you wanted or thought you could stand. During these times of tremendous difficulty and growth, what we think, HOW we think is so important. Things can get better – drastically better. To be trusted to be a part of that conversation with someone is an honor, and one I take seriously. 


  • Individual Therapy 

  • Coaching (Private Pay Only)



  • Stress Management
  • Life Transitions
  • Modern Relationships
  • Faith Crisis
  • Career Counseling
  • Money Issues
  • Big goals & extraordinary life design
  • Creatives – Musicians, Composers, Artists, etc.
  • Founders, Entrepreneurs & Business Owner


  • Feeling Good/David Burns, M.D. – T.E.A.M. Therapy – Level I

  • Member of American Counseling Association (ACA)

About Scott Marshall

I come to the world of mental health as a transplant. Most of my experience comes from business, marketing, sales, and personal development. I left that world and career for a chance to have real conversations with people about the things that matter most. I believe in the tremendous power of creating a space and a relationship where you can be completely real.

I’m particularly passionate about folks finding their own voice and making their own courageous decisions. I’m interested in what I call “seekers”, or folks from all walks of life who have something they really want to do, have, or become but are terrified or stuck (or both) in their pursuit of it. 

I see the world from a place of abundance and opportunity, and I believe in going after what you want. I see shame, oppression, lies, and injustice as powerful systems in the way, and support my clients in processing and ultimately acting to deal with these on their own terms and claim their power. I affirm persons of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, heritages, etc.

My approach has been especially impacted by the ideas of Carl Rogers, David Burns, Albert Ellis, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy. Technically, I take a Person-Centered approach to therapy, and rely on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and theory to help clients discover, understand, and harness their emotions, thoughts, and values to create a life they love. I like to see people win – but even more, I like to see people playing their own game, not somebody else’s.