By Breeann Galvin

While the crispness of the air and the promise of winter evokes joy in many, others struggle with the transition to colder, darker days. As we settle into the recent turning back of our clocks, I find myself reminded of the time when I used to grieve the end of sunny seasons.

In the summer, I was always amazed by how the sun clung to the sky until late into the evening. I loved the feeling of warmth and the busy energy it brought. By contrast, I dreaded when the leaves started to change and felt a sense of sadness as everything slowly turned barren and dull. In those moments, it seemed the only thing winter was good for was waiting.

It took me awhile to realize that all things must ebb and flow. There are times for movement and times for rest and stillness. Having balance and accepting duality is what allows us to show up as the best, fullest versions of ourselves.


So, what can winter teach us   about balance? It can remind    us that it’s okay to not always   be on the move. Disconnecting      our worth from productivity can help us reestablish self-care routines and see ourselves in new ways. It also teaches us the value of stillness and reflection. Having time sheltered from the cold provides us the     opportunity to reflect on where   we are in life and gives us time        to re-examine our hopes,         dreams, and goals. Winter can    also unite us around a collective sense of rest. Whether together or apart, the slowness brought by winter days allows us all to undergo our own journey of metamorphosis. Painstaking and sometimes uncomfortable, we eventually leave our cocoons with new growth like butterflies in the spring.

While I still love the sunny days, I have come to appreciate the wisdom of the colder seasons. And
although I eagerly await the warmth and the sight of blooming things, I try to remember that by
embracing this season of rest, I will be more ready to welcome it all again with open arms.
As you navigate this slower season, take some time to ask yourself what winter has to teach you.

• What do you need during this time of rest?
• What comforts you during the colder months?
• What would you like to shed this season?
• What aspects of yourself would you like to see grow in the new year?
• What seeds are you planting for the future?